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dinosaurCDSilly Songs about Silly People
  Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, two great musicians help Steve and Harry sing a whole bunch of traditional and original songs about nutty folks. Harry also does some of his crazy routines. If you want great music and funny comedy, this is for you. Here's your chance to buy it through Paypal.

If you want a download instead of a CD email Steve ( after buying the CD and he'll send you a link for the audio and artwork download via dropbox.

Here are some samples from the album:

$8.95 includes postage and handling


Silly Songs Songbook
This is the music book for all the songs on the CD. So you can play them yourself. It includes lots of traditional songs as well as Steve's originals.
It includes:
Miss Lucy Had a Baby
Michael Finnegan
Aiken Drum
The Bold Fisherman
Jenny Jenkins
The Robot in the Kitchen
Daddy's Whiskers
I'm an honest man
Billy Barlow
                                  There was a man and he was mad
                                   My Crazy Aunt Daisy
                                   Old Dan Tucker
                                   Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
                                   Whatchya Gonna do with the Baby-O?

$8.95 includes postage and handling in the U.S.

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