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"I have serious magic books in my personal library. I'm a serious magician (albeit an AMATEUR one)...but I'm heavily involved in my local magicians club....and I own about 20 magic instructional videos. I say this only to increase the impact of: This is a great magic book!!

Although it's for kids.....anyone could take some good, solid magic material away from this book! It's good stuff. -Paul Budd

S o many of the jokes, magic tricks and tips that Steve has developed over   his two decades as a professional cornball and funny magician is now in eBook form. Even if you're not a budding magician it's still fun to read. Anyone interested in  becoming a real knucklehead will find this book a great starting off point. It includes:

How to develop a character
(a character is the unique person (or giant vegetable) a magician pretends to be while performing)

Patter (anything a magician says during a show to make it more interesting (like burping)

The difference between funny words and not so funny (Smith is not funny, Fenstermacher is)
What to say to hecklers (you have nice hair...coming from each nostril!)

What to say when a joke falls flat (Is this an audience or an oil painting?)

Short jokes to fill in the time (I was wondering why this baseball I was looking at the other day was getting bigger and bigger...then it hit me) and so much more.

It also contains 50 really neat, easy to do magic tricks and how to make them funny.

Originally published by Meadowbrook press, this 132 page book is available right here for $9.95  through Paypal, a completely secure network. . Once you buy it, you'll be sent the .epub file. This can be opened up in several free apps including iBooks, Mobi, Adobe, Nook, Calibre and others. But not Kindle.

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