A comic novel written by Steve Charney. It's a mystery, a gas, a romp, a dive into psychological dysfunction and Quantum computing. The leitmotif is allusion. The allusion of Steve's dummy Dicky, the aspects of stage magic, quantum mechanics, even the Brouhaha comedy club itself isn't what it appears to be in the dim light. The characters in the book are all hiding something. And the ending is the biggest illusion of all!

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Steve Dubois, a mentally disturbed ventriloquist and his "pal" Dicky are a team playing cheesy comedy clubs and children's birthday parties. Steve's dummy, has an ability to deduce facts a la Sherlock Holmes. One night in the middle of their comedy act, a patron falls to the floor dead. This launches them on a wild ride (literally and figuratively) with Steve's young protégé, Pooja. As they try to solve the murder, and cure Steve of his unhealthy attachment to Dicky, our intrepid trio get caught up in plots, subplots and plot twists involving eccentric characters, gunplay, a doll named Candi and a beauty named Lulu. In other words, hilarity ensues.