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     Entertainer, Author, Radio Personality and Songwriter

Here are the first four pages of a  Profile in the New Yorker Magazine that was written during the Jurassic period about Steve and his radio show. This kind of radio doesn't exist
anymore but you can find something similar on podcasts (Steve's podcast "Conversations With My Dummy" for instance) Click on the image to read the first four pages.



Steve has performed a stage act of magic, music and ventriloquism for the past 40 years. 

A few of the thousands of places Steve and Harry have performed:

  • The Great Hall, Cooper Union  NYC
  • Concord Hotel  Monticello, NY
  • The Nevele Hotel  Ellenville, NY
  • Hudson River Clearwater Revival  Westchester, NY
  • Grey Fox Blue Grass Festival  Oak Hill, NY
  • Ghana National Theatre (Kiddafest)-Ghana, Africa
  • The Pepsi Arena  Albany, NY
  • Belvedere Castle/The Dairy Central Park, NYC
  • Indianapolis Library System  Indianapolis, IN
  • The Egg Albany, NY

KidsMagicTrickscardsCoinTricksdinnerEveryDayStuffPotatoheadABCKookyStrike OutPorcupineHJthumbsSillySongsDaddy

Some of these books are for sale. Click on Mr. Potatohead, Kids' Kookiest Riddles, Hocus Jokus and Let's Sing about Silly People for more information

The Kids' Guide to Magic Tricks- Capstone Press/2012
Cool Card Tricks- Capstone Press/2010

Awesome Coin Tricks- Capstone Press/2010 

Incredible Tricks at the Dinner Table- Capstone Press/2010 

Amazing Tricks with Everyday Stuff-Capstone Press/2010    

Mr. Potatohead's Upside Down Joke World- Sterling Books/2008 
The ABC's of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond-Ceres Press/2008   

I Hope I Don't Strike Out (anthology)-Meadowbrook Press/2008
Kid's Kookiest Riddles-Sterling Publishing/2005
Oh My Darling Porcupine(anthology)-Meadowbrook Press/2005
Hocus Jokus-How to do Funny Magic-Meadowbrook Press/2003     

Six Thick Thumbs- Troll Books/1994                                               
Let's Sing About Silly People- Troll Books/1993
Daddy's Whiskers- Crown Books/1989 


Conversations With My Dummy
(click on the image to access Steve's podcast)

Steve produces, writes and hosts a family program that features original comedy sketches and songs (with Harry, Steve’s dummy) as well as guest authors/musicians (such as Tom Paxton, Sharon, Lois and Bram, Daniel Pinkwater, Peter Schickele and John Sebastian) and comedy recordings.  Over 2000 radio programs have been broadcast so far. His podcast can be found on Itunes and Spreaker.  The show was profiled in the “New Yorker” magazine.

Stations where Knock On Wood (now Conversations With My Dummy) has found a home:

·    WKZE 98.1 FM    Sharon, CT   
·    WNYE 91.5 FM    New York, NY   
·    WRPI 91.5 FM     Troy, NY   
·    WAMC  Northeast Public Radio network (9 stations in 7 states)   
·    WDST 100.1 FM    Woodstock, NY   
·    WHUC 1230 AM    Hudson, NY   
·    WQ92    92.1FM     Poughkeepsie, NY
·    WKIP    1450 AM    Poughkeepsie, NY
·    And stations in L.A., Chicago, Little Rock, and Memphis.

National Public Radio- Radio commentator


 Songs for “The Bear in the Big Blue House”-Jim Henson Productions-1998-2003
Broadcast daily on The Disney Channel, Steve wrote over two dozen songs for the  national children’s series. The show was nominated for an Emmy and some of Steve’s songs are featured on home video-1998. Currently it airs around the world
Live with Regis and Kathy Lee-One of Steve’s songs written for “The Bear in Big Blue House” was featured on this national TV show.


Click on the images for more information


Best of Knock On Wood (Vols. 1, 2, 3 & 4) -1992/1995/1997/2002         
Five CD's from Steve’s live shows and radio programs 

      Knock on Wood Live Music and Comedy -1990
   Steve and Harry perform in front of a children’s audience.
        (click on the image for more information)

Dinostuff  3 audiocassette series  Metacom-1993  
     Andy Apatosaurus   ~   Rocky T. Rex   ~   Stella Stegosaurus      
Featuring songs, stories and routines with Steve and Harry.  Cassettes  fit in a wooden dinosaur with crayons in its tail and a coloring poster.

 The Riddle King’s Riddle Songs-Scholastic National Book Club  1987
 Steve writes and sings songs based on Mike Thaler’s riddles with John Sebastian and Jay Unger and Molly Mason.


 Fun Vocabulary tapes- Fisher-Price-1989       
    Pilot series for international distribution.

Let’s Sing About Silly People- Troll National Book Club/1994 

Steve and Harry sing lots of original and traditional silly songs with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason



The Riddle King tells his favorite Riddles, Jokes, Stories and Songs with Steve Charney- Caedmon Records/1984


YTSteve's YT Channel with over 100 videos, 1,200 subscribers and over 2,600,000 viewings

ArrestedDevelopmentArrested Development/2003
Steve's DVD the creme de la creme of his performance art. With Harry and many of the characters Steve has created. he sings, performs magic and presents many of the comedy sketches that he’s known for.

Steve And Harry At The Library-Human Relations Media/1998
Steve created this video with Tom Colello. It was distributed nationally in the HRM catalogue. It  "promotes literacy with Steve and Harry performing their magic, music and verbal mayhem for a group of kids at the library.

Animals At Night/Dinosaurs -Troll Videos/1992                       
Nationally distributed video on the Troll National Book Club. Songwriter/consultant and performer

Life Positive Series-Sunburst Communications/1984                     
Drug prevention videos with Steve and Harry have been distributed nationally to over 1000 schools.



Profiled by The New Yorker Magazine

Parenting Magazine

The New York Daily News- Mitchell Fink’s Column

Click on the image above to see the first two pages of Steve's profile in The New Yorker Magazine


Hottrix National Video Contest-2009-Best video using the Iphone App "Imilk". Steve won the monthly prize of an Ipod touch and then the grand prize..a Macbook Air computer.
National Communicator Award-2001- Humor show
New York State Broadcaster’s Award, Best Children’s Radio Program


You can also read an interview with Steve and Harry by going to

or call 845 246 7898