Here are several original books that have been converted to ebooks as well as CD's that are now downloads all by Steve Charney.
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The Wooden Detective

A comic novel by Steve Charney. It's a mystery, a gas, a romp, a dive into psychological dysfunction, quantum computing and hilarity. The leitmotif is illusion...of Steve's dummy Dicky, magic, quantum law, and the characters who are all hiding something. The ending is the biggest illusion of all!

Steve Dubois, a mentally disturbed ventriloquist and his "pal" Dicky are a team playing cheesy comedy clubs and birthday parties. Steve's dummy has an ability to deduce facts a la Sherlock Holmes. One night in the middle of their comedy act a patron falls to the floor dead. This launches them on a wild ride (literally and figuratively) with Steve's young protege, Pooja. As they try to solve the murder and cure Steve of his unhealthy attachment to Dicky, our intrepid trio get caught up in plots, subplots and plot twists involving eccentric characters, gunplay, a doll named Candi and a beauty named Lulu. In other words...hilarity ensues.
Hocus Jokus eBook
Hocus Jokus eBook
How to do funny Magic

By Steve Charney
Steve's manifesto on how to be a funny magician with instructions on how to do 50 Funny Magic Tricks. This 132 page illustrated book also includes lots of jokes and gags.
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Steve's Kookiest Riddles
Steve's Kookiest Riddles eBook
98 pages of Steve's favorite jokes, riddles, silly poems, and other goofball stuff.

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Steve's Upside Down Joke World
Steve's Upside Down Joke World eBook
95 pages of jokes, riddles, stories and poems.

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ABC's of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond
The ABC's of Fruits and Vegetables and Beyond eBook
By Steve Charney and David Goldbeck
This beautifully illustrated book is divided in half.
The first part is an alphabet book with funny poems.
The second part delves deeper into each fruit and vegetable giving fascinating and humorous facts and hints on how to eat healthier.
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Six Thick Thumbs
Six Thick Thumbs
A Tongue Twisting Tale eBook

By Steve Charney
This story is about Tom who saves his town from a giant twister that turns everything into nothing but tongue twisters.
It has dozens of fun tongue twisters in it that the reader can practice along with Tom.
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Daddy's Whiskers
Daddy's Whiskers eBook
This song, illustrated, is about...well what do you think? Daddy's Whiskers!
And man are they long.
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Silly Songs About Silly People CD download
and Ebook Songbook
with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason
Steve and Harry sing crazy songs
and perform funny routines about very silly people.
The Esongbook is optional for another $8.95
 $8.95 for the download
Steve and Harry sing lots of
original songs and perform
comedy routines that all have to
do with...Dinosaurs! $8.95

   This is a compilation of 3 albums called Dinostuff.
 You can buy the downloads of the original albums separately.
                                            Rocky T. Rex, Stella Stegosaur and Andy Apatosaur.  
Riddle King's Riddle Songs
Steve sings lots of songs
about riddles with some
fantastic musicians backing
him up. $8.95

Best of Knock On Wood Volume 1 (Red)
The best songs and routines from
Steve's radio program. $8.95

Best of Knock On Wood Volume 2 (Blue)
More comedy routines and
songs from Steve's radio show. $8.95
Best of Knock On Wood Volume 3 (White)
Still more comedy bits and
funny songs. $8.95
Best of Knock On Wood Volume 4 (Doody) 
If you like "doody" humor
then this is the download for you. $8.95
Steve and Harry Poke Fun Of School
Here are 25 songs and routines that poke
fun of school. Great for the schoolyard! $8.95

Knock On Wood (Yellow)
The first (and some say the best)
collection of songs and routines
with Steve and Harry. $8.95