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Published by Sterling Books, a division of Barnes and Noble

This 96 page color illustrated ebook contains hundreds of jokes, riddles and other nonsense.                             

If I made $300 dollars and I gave you half, what would you have?  A heart attack!

How can you avoid getting parking tickets? Take the windshield wipers off your car!

If you put your hand in one pocket and take out 38 dollars and you put your hand in the other
pocket and take out 63 dollars, what do you have?  Someone else's pants!

The sausage is a cunning bird with feathers long and wavy
It swims about in the frying pan and makes its nest in gravy

Two antennae got married. The wedding was awful but the reception was great!

Buy this ebook with Paypal a completely secure network.  Once you buy it, you'll be sent the .epub file. This can be opened up in several free apps including iBooks, Mobi, Adobe, Nook, Calibre and others. But not Kindle.




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